The effects of educational disruption on primary school attainment in summer 2021

  • For Years 2 to 6, attainment in reading was close to pre-pendemic levels, but remained lower for younger pupils.
  • In maths and GPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling), the deficits in attainment for most year groups were smaller at the end of the summer term than in the spring, but with remaining shortfalls, especially in GPS.
  • Across all subjects younger year groups (KS1) showed the largest drops in attainment and may therefore need the most support on returning to school in September.
  • Year 6 pupils also showed noticeable shortfalls in maths and GPS, indicating that secondary schools may do well to provide some remedial measures for their new Year 7 cohorts.
  • The gap in average attainment between those eligible for the Pupil Premium and their peers continued to grow across the majority of year groups and subjects.


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