Birchfield Primary School


Contact Details

 Trinity Road
 Birmingham B6 6AJ
Telephone: 0121 464 5661

School Type

Phase: Primary (ages 3-11)
Type: Sponsor-Led Academy
Religious Denomination: None
Admissions Policy: Non-selective
Established: 2018
History: This school arose from Birchfield Community School
Trust: PA Community Trust
Sponsor: Prince Albert Community Trust

Staff and Pupils

Headteacher: Mrs Zoe Thewlis (since September 2022)
Previous Headteacher: Sajid Gulzar
Numbers of Teachers / Assistants*: 31.2 / 21.7
Non-teaching Staff*: 6.4
Number of pupils: 686
Pupils Per Teacher: 22.0
Sex: Mixed (53% boys / 47% girls)
Eligible for free school meals (FSM): 34.40% (medium)
FSM pupils at 10 nearest schools: 46.9%
Local child deprivation rate: 34.1% (2km radius)
Proportion of ethnic minority pupils: 99.5%
Ethnic minority pupils at 10 nearest schools: 99.2%
Distance to 10th nearest school: 1.2km

Location and Administration

Authority: Birmingham
Constituency: Birmingham, Ladywood
Electoral Ward: Aston
School Number: 3302186

Inspections and Reports

Ofsted Report: 14th September 2022 (view record)
Ofsted Rating: Good

External Links

DfE Record: View record
School Performance Table: View record
The Schools Guide: School indicators | Staff indicators

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