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SchoolDash Insights is our service for professionals across the education sector. It currently covers all state primary, secondary and special schools in England.



A wide variety of organisations in and around education use SchoolDash Insights to help them pursue their missions. Here we share a few examples to illustrate the ways in which this happens.


Hodder Education

SchoolDash has been working with Hodder Education for several years across both primary and secondary phases, analysing the impact of their own resources alongside SchoolDash data. They also use the school profile data to provide support for their teams in creating more effective engagement with schools across the country.

We asked the primary sales team to illustrate how SchoolDash Insights has been able to provide an added dimension to their work. Carley Ashton, Head of Sales - Primary, said that the first thing they do is use Insights to create a thorough profile before they visit a school to inform their conversations and be better prepared. They can look up what the key characteristics of the school are – attainment, deprivation and demographics, pupil roll etc. They can also see, for example, whether there’s been a recent Ofsted visit and where the suggested areas of strength and suggested improvement may be. Being better informed benefits both the publisher and school, with less time spent on fact-finding conversations and more on how Hodder Education can help with relevant resources, be they in reading, maths, IT or other areas.

The sales team find SchoolDash Insights straightforward and easy to use. They can quickly identify schools with similar characteristics and needs of ones with which they are already engaged in each of their sales areas. This information can be cross-referenced with their own internal systems to see what provision already exists with those schools. The teams can also identify where a school has a new headteacher and decide whether it’s appropriate to visit right away to introduce themselves and their resources to the new head.


now press play

now>press>play is an innovative social enterprise who bring the primary curriculum to life with immersive audio resources, engaging school children through sound, story and movement. They use SchoolDash Insights to support their growth strategy and to identify schools most likely to respond positively to their award-winning products.

Linking existing customer details in their CRM with SchoolDash data profiles allows now>press>play to discover new schools all over the country that display similar characteristics to those with which they are already engaged. This may involve looking at Pupil Premium percentages, attainment profiles, social deprivation measures or any one of a wide range of characteristics In SchoolDash Insights that are representative of existing customers. From this they can create regional heat maps of schools most likely to benefit from their resources. This enables now>press>play to focus on communicating and winning business with schools where they can have most impact.

SchoolDash Insights has become a key aide in focusing now>press>play’s strategy on winning business with new schools by streamlining its existing CRM process and helping prioritise sales targeting.


Teach First

Teach First work with schools in every region of England, placing their teacher recruits in areas of low-income, helping to make a difference to education where it’s most needed. They now use SchoolDash Insights’ teacher vacancy data feed to enhance their speed of response and target teacher placement in schools.

By using SchoolDash Insights to identify in real time where vacancies have arisen among schools with the requisite characteristics, Teach First can then match their own candidates with current vacancies for particular subject area specialisms. They may then contact the school to clarify whether a Teach First candidate would be appropriate and initiate the application process. This kind of teacher vacancy data for England cannot be found anywhere else in one dashboard, making it an invaluable source for placing candidates from a large organisation like Teach First.

Teach First have quickly found that SchoolDash Insights vacancy mapping has become a tool they use on an ongoing basis to support their placement programme. Gary Mander, Schools Partnerships Coordinator for the West Midlands, described it as their "go to" tool. It’s easy to use and provides great visual representation of their placement landscape and also allows them to export key data into their own systems to support the national teacher placement programme.

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